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Literally what every little alley looks like! How cool!? Can you imagine living in the house in the back with that little window and balcony? #princessvibes

How Do You Take a Bucket Bath in India?

Quite possibly the silliest how-to article I've written to date, but I do get asked way more than you might imagine about how to take a bucket bath in India! Well, now ya know 😂

Delsey Luggage Review

I've done round-ups and reviews of dozens of pieces of luggage, some that I've bought and some that were gifted from brands in order to try them out. But, by far, the best luggage I own is one my mom got me for my Birthday about 7 years ago from Delsey. I have the check-in size and carry-on size and they have been stuffed to the brim with 50 pounds of stuff on probably 60 or so huge international journeys (many with 4 layovers) and it doesn't show a sign of breaking still! It was affordable (got mine on sale at Macy's) and they haven't changed it over the years! If you're looking for luggage, this one is the best value for money I've found yet. The day it finally does break, I'll just re-buy it! #Delsey #NotSponsored DELSEY DELSEY USA

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When people ask me the best place to travel around India as a new visitor on a limited amount of time, I suggest Rajasthan. Forts, palaces, architecture, spicy food, colors, havelis, people, epic shopping, camels in the road, elephants... You get a HUGE introduction to what India is all about in this state which offers so much. This is in Jodhpur the blue city, one of my favorites.

My Accidental Boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥️ Like every Valentine's, once a year I get all sappy & share the article I wrote 5 years ago about how Ben and I met in Goa. Have you ever met a significant other abroad? Tell me your story in the comments! #ValentinesDay

Tips for Tulum: How to Spend a Weekend in Tulum, Mexico

A look at Ben and I's weekend in Tulum! It's such a gorgeous town. I ate so many tasty tacos and cannot wait to go back and explore more!

We stayed at a cute Airbnb in town for $30/night. If you use the link in the post, you get $40 off your stay, so for a two-night stay, you'd pay just $20!

Throwback to family vacations in Gulf Shores, Alabama when I was a kid. Yesterday my brother and his wife had a little baby, Luke, and it's my mom's birthday today! Im in England now with Ben's family but next week, I'll be in Ohio with this crew! I can't wait! Where did you take your family vacations as a kid?

This is India! 156

The latest #ThisIsIndia is about how we set up utilities in Goa as foreigners and how it's different than the USA.

How to Dress Boho Chic When You Travel

The style I (try) to achieve is "boho chic" and this article has the staples of my wardrobe that I pack on most trips and then mix and match. In the same way I can't live without burlap Tom's are there any items that are staples in your wardrobe that I would love!? Please tell me in the comments!

18 of the Most Epic Adventures You Should Book While Traveling India With Prices and How to Book

Traveling in India isn't just about seeing forts and palaces. What makes it special are the adventures you have and activities you try. Lots of people ask about booking ahead for their houseboat in Kerala or a camel safari in Jaisalmer - well, here are the top-ranked tours in India based on customer feedback on Viator so you can choose and see rates plus a few tips on what you can wait until you're here to book.

2 Foreigners In Bollywood

I am so obsessed with these videos! Its ways the same three guys and if you check their page 2 Foreigners In Bollywood, they have 1 every week or two.. they do funny skits about how foreigners are in India, it's too much! 😂

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Getting lost in another fort ✨ #Jodhpur #mehrangarhfort #incredibleindia

Airbnb in Merida, Mexico: The Cutest Merida Airbnb's + Unique Merida Hotels

Ben and I stayed in some really cute Airbnb's in Merida in a range of prices. I link to them in this article with images and also have a link for $40 off your first stay if you make an account. Merida has amazing restored colonial homes, and I loved seeing all the design ideas here. How amazing are these homes!?

Fancy a free trip to India (flights included)!?

Anyone who is thinking about visiting India next month and looking to volunteer, a blogger friend of mine Johnny (OneStep4Ward) runs a charity called the where they revamp schools, build playgrounds etc in the developing world. Their next project is in Delhi! It is a total of 14 days - 10 days backpacking in Delhi, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Jaipur, and Agra, then 3 days project at the end of the trip.

***This is the LAST day to enter and they are choosing the winner tomorrow.

You can see their last trip here to get an idea about it:

Johnny just messaged me this morning and told me they still have 4 spots available, so if you've been thinking about it, here's your chance!

More info on their website:

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A few recent photos of life in Goa 🌴🍹

A Little Merida Mexico Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Eat, Drink, and Shop

Two weeks in Merida was not enough - I have a feeling Ben and I will be back there pretty soon! This little guide for first-time visitors to Merida has info on the awesome boutique hotels and Airbnb's we stayed at, what you can do there like visiting flamingos, and obviously has ALL the yummy food we tried.

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All the beautiful architecture I see, which is so different from country to country, has me making a dream house in my head that in actuality will look like a crazy person put it together 😂 can I have a palace bohemian country style beach house with modern touches and ancient tile work?

Luz En Yucatan Review - Affordable Urban Retreat in Central Merida

Ben and I loved our stay at this affordable boutique hotel in the center of town in Merida. It didn't hurt that they had a little cart in the lobby with free booze, a hammock in the room, and a pool. We met a family that was staying here - they had been driving around Mexico for two months with their 3 kids. They had so many cool stories! Luz en Yucatan

Nas Daily

Another video worth watching from Nas Daily ...

Many see what is on TV/news and create strong opinions on places or people they don't know much about. I know many people who think very negatively of India (that have never been here) and from my 5 years here, I personally see the truth and beauty of India, which I share almost every day online. Travel, meeting new cultures, seeing other religions... it educates us and so do videos like these, and people like Nas who are open-minded and not afraid to talk about controversial topics. The more we talk about them and learn, the better!

Best Travel Outfits for Planes

A few outfit ideas for flights ✈️ Gotta be comfy but don't want to look like you're in pajamas! I have a handful of outfits linked out in this post that I often wear when I travel. What's your go-to plane outfit?

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Playing a little drunk Scrabble 🍷 I actually just redownload the app Words with Friends and have been playing ... So addictive! Why do no words have J's in them?! 🤓 Coco Shambhala

My Stay at Coco Shambhala, Voted India's 'Finest Boutique Hotel'

Absolute bliss 🙌 If you want something unique to do, a little getaway from Goa, this is the place to splurge out. Coco Shambhala Beach Villas is the newest collection of villas by Coco Shambhala in Nerul. These new ones are just across the border in Maharashtra. Here's a look at our stay there last week! #cocoshambhalalove (if you use the hashtag when you stay, you get entered to win a 3-night free stay - so I'll throw my hat into that ring, lol)

Ask Me Anything: What Places You Can See Yourself Living Other Than India?

If I didn't live in India, here are some options about where I would live. I get asked a lot if I'll stay in Goa forever, and I don't know the future, but here are some places I would consider living other than Goa. What about you? Where do you live now and where do you dream about moving to?

New to Indian Food? The Best Indian Food to Try While Traveling in India

When I came to India as a backpacker, I had NEVER had Indian food before. I had no idea what to order so just kept ordering palak paneer. It took a long time until I learned the best food and wish I had known sooner. I asked some fellow India travel bloggers to share their favorite classic Indian dish in this article so you can get an idea of what to order while you're traveling here!

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Okay turns out breakfast in bed trumps coffee in an infinity pool, especially when it's yummy misal poa, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and fresh orange juice 🍳🥓🍊🇮🇳 Coco Shambhala #cocoshambhalalove #malvan #maharashtra #goa

This is India! 155

Getting a package as a foreigner in India can be annoying as f*&% even when you've done the whole process about 100x over the last five years. I was actually in the process of clearing this package from customs when I got my reader survey results where you guys wanted more stories from India "even if I thought they were boring" and this is right up that alley, lol 😂 #thisisindia

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Turns out having your morning coffee in the pool is the best way to start the day. Add in some Malvani style misal pao and it's 👌 Coco Shambhala new boutique villas in #sindhudurg #cocoshambhalalove

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Stopped into Mermaid's Boutique in Anjuna and couldn't help but take these photos! It's like a color bomb in there 💛💜💚 This shop has been in Goa for like 20 years - it's own by Katja Grew (in the photo), the designer of DADAblui Goa. She makes some really amazing designs like leather jackets with Rajasthani mirror work or tasseled bags with unique pieces of fabric added to them that are one of a kind & so "Goa". It's a must-visit while you are here! Even better, now she has snacks and lemonade/ice tea. Mermaids shop is just next to the Gelato shop Mr. Gelato - Creamchoc, where you can get the BEST gelato. Try the dark chocolate sorbet 😍

All the Details for Staying at Telunas Private Island

I have had staying in an overnight villa on my bucket list forever - and my dream finally came true! Here's a look at Telunas Resorts #privateisland gorg villas and tips on how you get there.

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit India's Blue City of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is India's blue city - and it's so fun to walk around here with a camera 📷 This was my second time visiting and I don't think it'll be my last - I am still drooling over the thali we had at gypsy restaurant while there! Also stayed in a really cool ancient room with views of the fort. It's such a unique city! 💙 #jodhpur

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Raise you hand if you wanna standup paddle board here! 🙋What a dream! Telunas Private Resort at Riau, Indonesia

Backpack or Suitcase: Which One Should You Use?

Hmm, which to use: a backpack or a suitcase?

In this article I tell you which is my favorite backpack (hint the one in that photo from like 10 years ago that I STILL use) and my favorite rolling luggage. Plus, when to use which one based on where you're going and for how long.

10 Rajasthan Points of Interest You Won't Want to Miss Out On

India has so much to see and once you start planning, it seems like everywhere is "must see" so I wanted to share the prettiest places in Rajasthan like palaces and temples so you can see which are the one you definitely want to see and possibly narrow down you itinerary for Rajasthan a bit.

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✌️It's the weekend! At least in India it is haha about to go have a yummy dinner of coconut shrimp 🍤 and steak and maybe a 🍺🍺🍺here in Goa with Ben How will you send your Friday night?
This sunset is from @telunas_resorts last week!

Trtl Pillow Review: Is it the Most Supportive Pillow Available?

Comfort over caring how you look, lol 😜 I love this pillow even though I think other people on the plane think I'm wearing a neck brace - it's the pillow I always travel with. This isn't sponsored by the brand and these photos are literally the worst, but I feel like you all need to know how good this thing is! #lifechanging #getone

5 Top Tours to Book in India (1-day) According to GetYourGuide User Reviews

I think I get asked about how to get from Delhi to the Taj and back at least 10x a week. I was researching the best deals on getyourguide (who have a huge amount of tours in India) and found one for $17 that goes Delhi-Agra (to Taj and Fort) and back in an A/C car. They pick you up and drop you to your hotel! Pretty cool so I went and checked their other top "day" tours and made a list of them here.

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If you have a loft, you pretty much have to go up there with a good book. It didn't hurt that mine has views of the sea! I loved the design of the villas here! Telunas Resorts

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Udaipur, India's Royal White City

Udaipur, India's 'white city" is perhaps the most beautiful of all the cities in India. It's also small, easy to travel, and has tons of activities for tourists like painting class, cooking class, and of course yoga. There are palaces to explore and it's a photographer's dream! Here is a collection of 20 photos from my recent trip there to get you inspired to visit #Udaipur 👑✈️

Tour of Andalucia Spain: 6 Must Visit Cities in Andalucia Spain

I am so in love with all the photos in this article by Brooklyn Tropicali! Have you been to Andalucia? I have to say, I don't know much about it myself but now I'm dying to get here 😍

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When you basically have a whole island to yourself 😍 #privateisland #telunas Telunas Resorts

This is India! 154

When I act as taxi driver for hitchhiking Goans 😜 #thisisindia

I went to Telunas Resorts on my own and since they don't have WiFi, I brought books & movies just in case but I ended up spending all my time outside exploring - they have just 15 villas on their private island so it's very quiet. This overwater platform I'm sitting on is actually the place you go for a massage & the day after I took this I got a Balinese massage here. 5 minutes into it, I felt sprinkles then heard the rain splashing into the ocean. The masseuse stopped and put down the side tarps to block the rain and just in time as a huge storm hit - and she didn't stop massaging. I am telling you, having a massage over the sea during a storm is the wildest thing, lol!!! It was so crazy in a cool way. You know how the ocean storms are just 20 minutes or hardcore rain and choppy waves then it's over - it was just like that and made that the most memorable massage I've ever had 🌊 ps this dress is from material I bought in Jaipur and had tailored, just copied from a cheap Forever 21 dress I had already.

Daily Mail

Have you taken the local train in Mumbai? I did in rush hour only once in the ladies compartments.. was crowded enough, don't know if I'd be up for this every day! It is a good way to get around Mumbai in off-peak hours though without traffic :)

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Waking up to the sea 🌊 This was my first time staying in an over water villa, which has been on my bucket list since I knew they existed. It's as good as you'd imagine. Going to bed listening to the waves, seeing the ocean through the cracks in the wood floor, opening the doors when you wake up to the views that you're so much a part of.. it's all so perfect it felt surreal. This is at Telunas Resorts in Indonesia. I'll write about it on the blog but it's about 1.5 hours by long tail boat from Batam, which is about 45 min from Singapore. There are just 15 villas here on the private island and you have just quiet and peace to explore or you can even take a kayak and explore a nearby island!

Have The Perfect Rajasthan Trip By Copying This Two-Week Itinerary

Rajasthan is my favorite state as a tourist in India (Goa to live haha) and it seems like you guys really like it, too! I made this two-week itinerary based on the trip I just did but adding in some of my previous trip as a backpacker - now if you are here a whole six months I suggest staying in Rajasthan for a whole month instead of two weeks! #Rajasthan #IncredibleIndia

Review: Easily Plan and Book Your Dream Trip With Routeperfect

Want a kickass trip but don't want to put in the effort of planning? I reviewed a website called Routeperfect ( which allows you to be your own travel agent with a few clicks, adds in small unique towns based on your interests, and they bundle the deal to help you save massively on hotels - check it out!

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The Stepwell in Jodhpur, India's blue city 🇮🇳 tomorrow I'm adding my two week Rajasthan itinerary to the blog, don't miss it!

Experience Telunas Private Island (2017)

Hello from Singapore! I'm here just for a night. Tomorrow I'll get up early to catch a ferry to Telunas Private Island in the Riau islands of Indonesia for two nights - I cannot wait to stay in my FIRST overwater villa. The weather is rainy so fingers crossed it clears up.

I am staying at the Dorsett Singapore tonight and hadn't even looked at the map where it was - until a $68 Uber ride later from the airport to the hotel haha whoops! I should pay attention to those 2x surge pricing or use the "Grab" app which is usually way cheaper 😜 Anyway, once I got to my hotel I went for a walk to find a shop to get snacks (obviously, I mean if I'm on an island I'm going stocked up with goodies) and didn't realize I am in China town! It is never something to get used to, bouncing from one country with a strong culture like India to somewhere so different.

This is my third time in Singapore (no time to see much on this trip, though) and it'll be my third time in Indonesia, too!

This is India! 153

I asked in the reader survey what you wanted more articles about and a lot of you said local experiences and random stuff I get up to - well this is about as local as it gets - cooking mackerel in Goa in a burning down field 🐟

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Morocco was one of my favorite trips in 2017. This is from @scarabeocamp outside Marrakesh. Where was your favorite trip to in 2017? 🐪⛺