How Living in Goa for 5 Years Has Changed Me

Getting all sentimental on the blog today sharing how living in Goa the past 5 years changed me and what I learned from it. I hope that this next chapter in Merida will teach me even more! ☮🌎❤️

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Shanti made it to Mexico! And so did I. Thank you Air Canada for keeping her safe and for upgrading me to business class! 🙏 Ben will be making the exact same journey with Omni and KitKat tomorrow so wish them all the luck 🌟 We are at the Airbnb now. I am starving but can’t Uber eats since I don’t have a Mexico # registered and don’t wanna leave Shanti to go pick up food because she’s still scared (and she will scratch the shit out of these beautiful wooden doors), and can’t order delivery cuz my dumb butt forgot to go to an ATM haha I even stopped and bought Shanti food and didn’t think to get money or food for myself whoops so tomorrow will venture out and also share some pics from the Airbnb we have for this week. Now passing out 😴Also thank you to Yucatan Transitional Services for picking me up and letting Shanti drool all over and sit on me in the front seat of your car!

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See the little chick 🐥 in my hands? Too cute! I’m literally about to board my Air Canada flight out of India 🇮🇳 and beyond being sad to leave, I had to hand Shanti over to be put in the cargo hold. It’s a scary thing to do I’ll admit! Shanti is my dog not this chic by the way haha I just randomly chose this photo to share! Saying bye to India is hard enough but I know I’ll see Shanti in just 24 hours and India again in November ✌️ ❤️

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Already missing Goa and we haven’t even left India yet. Thank you all so much for all the loving messages about our move to Mexico. We are going to be in Bombay until Tuesday evening then off we go ✈️I have a million photos of Goa that I haven’t posted this season and will take some time to settle into Merida so I’m going to be posting Goa pics for a bit still ♥️ This is from Mapusa Market and the drink is sugar cane juice. Have you tried it? 🇮🇳 My dress is from @lanewaybtq

I'm Moving: It's Bittersweet, But We Are Leaving India on Tuesday

In bittersweet news, we are leaving India. Ben and I are actually leaving on Tuesday and are already in Bombay now with our pets. I love India so much and will miss Goa with all my heart. You can read my recent post to see WHY we are leaving and WHERE we are headed to next!

Also, sorry to just drop it on your like this. I didn't want to write the article before we were really moving and literally just wrote it this last hour from my Airbnb in Mumbai. Don't worry, I'll be back in India as a tourist and still will be writing about all my trips!

$40 Airbnb Promo Code + Beginner's Guide For Your First Time Using Airbnb

Ever since Ben and I stayed in a rental house in Maui 4 years ago, we have been users of Airbnb when we travel. We love staying in a home and it saves so much money! From Mumbai to Merida, Dublin to even Ben's hometown, I have found some epic Airbnb's over the years. I know it can seem a little too unknown to book with someone's house rather than a hotel, so I wrote this guide which is a first-timers guide to using Airbnb PLUS there is a $40 off your first booking in here!

PS the photo here is one of my favorite Airbnb's we stayed at in Merida... how stunning!

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Where to next? 🌟 💫 #Mapusa #goa #india_gram

6 New England Towns That Feel Like a Real Life Stars Hollow

Was anyone else majorly obsessed with the Gilmore Girls when you were younger? While sadly Stars Hollow is a fictional town, Amy from Two Drifters - Couples Travel & Lifestyle knows New England well and came up with 6 REAL New England towns that are just like the adorable little town of Stars Hollow. Have you been to any of these? I haven't explored this area at all but really want to!

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Mapusa Market, Goa

10 Fail-Proof Ways to Up Your Travel Blogging Game

This year has been pretty big for Hippie in Heels as a company and I made a lot of changes on my website. I thought I'd share some blogging tips since I haven't in a while!

Maybe you're a blogger too or maybe you want some inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes, either way, I hope you find some great information in my new post, 10 ways to up your blogging game!

Wishing a happy 25th anniversary to Jet Airways! ✈️ Jet is a private Indian airline that is by far my favorite one to travel with both domestically and internationally in India. I started flying with them at first because they allow SO much luggage and you know I love my shopping - but I keep flying with them because of hands down, of all the airlines here, they have service that goes above and beyond & the kindest staff. Professionally, I have also worked with Jet on campaigns for my blog. I actually fly some routes so much that I know some of the flight attendants, lol. Congrats Jet! #25YearsOf9W

Vacay Style Review: Your Next Trip's Complete Wardrobe, Planned.

Hate packing and trying to think of new cute outfits for your vacations? Vacay Style is a company that designs capsule wardrobes. Imagine 5 pieces of clothing that can be turned into 15 totally unique and fashionable outfits. I have a review on the blog today with their Sayulita collection and the 15 ways I wore the clothes here in Goa! Check it out on the blog 💕

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Welcome to Mapusa market! In Goa, we don’t have big supermarkets like Walmart and when we run errands each week we come to Mapusa just 5 min down the road. There are some covered parts like this but most of the market is outside. It is sectioned off, so you can go to one area for flowers, another for bread, another for fish or veggies or fruit! We go to one shop for our chicken and another for beef - there’s not one stop shopping unless of course you count the whole market 😉

Travel Insurance India: What You Need to Know About Booking International Travel Insurance for Your Trip to India

Lets talk about travel insurance in India. YES, you need it. I am a fan of World Nomads (have used them nearly 8 years) but there are other companies that my readers have used (some UK or AUS specific). This post is all you need to know and some different options so you can compare prices!

Shop My Instagram: What I've Been Wearing in Goa, India

I get a lot of comments asking where my dresses or shoes are from, so I thought I'd do a new kind of post where I tell you where you can buy the outfits I've been wearing in my Instagram photos! 💙

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Don’t forget after this weekend the sale ends on my ebook Guide to India! It’s $10 off right now with the code “weloveindia”

It’s been such a nice week knowing that the book is being read and used to plan trips to India! Here are some more random photos of my travels here.

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Staying in the shade 🌴 🥥 🕶 #goa #lovelulus @lulus

My Kuala Lumpur Travel Diary

I recently went to Kuala Lumpur to visit friends. This wasn't really a "touristy" visit so I thought I'd try a different kind of blog post, more like a diary of what we did rather than a guide. I hope you enjoy! We loved KL - from the food to the go-karting (obvi) it was a blast.

Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight

It always seems like it's too expensive to go to Hawaii, keeping many people only dreaming about going for their honeymoon or retirement, but using Next Vacay you can get rates like $341 from airports all around the USA, not just LA or another big hub. ✈️ I've been using this website for years to find cheap flights.

When Ben and I went to Hawaii for his job a few years ago, we were going to stay for two weeks. That turned into over a month. We LOVED it so much and even said we'd choose to live there one day. 🏄

Check out the article which has real customers sharing their deals to Hawaii! It's not too good to be true, and I explain how the flight deals work to make 2018 a year you will definitely travel more. 🙌

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Look closely at my hands... this little chick wants to fly 🐥 He was hobbling around in Mapusa and a lady came out, seeing that I was looking at him, and said pick him up! I will never not pick up an animal when it’s offered lol 🌟 💕 My dress is by local designer @thewhiteraven_ 🙌

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This week is a week for me to relax and enjoy Goa rather than work ... why am I taking a break? Because my Guide to India ebook is finally out. While it took four months to write, its 6 years of my India travels and knowledge all organized and wrapped up with a bow. I had designers make several maps for activities and monuments, maps for itineraries, added FAQ’s from readers to each chapter, and had top India travel writer @sharell.aboutindia edit it. This book is basically everything I know about India organized so clearly that you won’t even realize it was 100,000 words when you’re done reading it. Over the years the best emails I get from readers are ones that say “I came to India because of your blog” or “your blog was a lifesaver in India”. Now I have all my blog information in one book with loads of other Information about India that hasn’t even made it to the blog yet. This is definitely my biggest accomplishment yet and after years of writing, it’s time for a break! And what better place to take a week of just chilling than in Goa 🍉🍌🍓🍊🥥

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Thank you all for all your support with my India Guide ebook! The sales have been amazing so far. The discount is still on all week long with the code "weloveindia" to get it for $10 off. This book won't go on sale all the time like my Goa ebook, so now is the time to get it if you're thinking of a trip to India!

All week I'm going to share images from over the last 6 years in India. These are all from 2012 on my first trip to India. Click here to see all the information on the book

Hippie in Heels' Guide to India Ebook

I HAVE HUGE NEWS! For the past four months (but really 6 years), I've been working on this: the Hippie in Heels' Guide to India! 🙌

Today, it's finally up for sale AND of course, I'm giving you guys a discount code "weloveindia" which is valid for one week and is $10 off the purchase. 🇮🇳

What's inside? Click this link to see a breakdown of why I wrote this, who it's good for, why it beats a Lonely Planet, and what you'll find in each chapter and sub-chapter. It's a massive 100,000 words and it was edited by top India travel writer Sharell Cook 📖

If you're coming to India, let this be your guide ⭐️

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✨ Giveaway Alert 💫 I wanted to show you this amazing bag today for #EarthDay so filled it with some faves for this shot! The Catalina Delixe bag is from LO & SONS and it’s all organic cotton canvas. It’s due and chemical free. I actually have a couple! They have sectioned off bottom pockets for shoes which you can see peeking out. The purse is from Lo and Sons as well and I’m in love with the color. The Catalina is one of my go to bags and you can have one, too!

The giveaway is on Instagram, so go to my profile there. To enter, like this photo and leave a comment on Instagram about where you would take your Catalina bag. Then, like @loandsons on their IG account. I’ll announce the winner in a week and they will ship the bag straight to you! #loandsons #giveaway #earthday

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Days that consist of sea, salt, sand.... and prawn curry rice and puppy cuddles 🤩 Pretty well-rounded I’d say! 🕶 @sundaysomewhere 👙 @sahaswimwear

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Mapusa market scenes ✌️ Thank you guys for all your comments before about my blog! Spent the day at the beach with chicken curry rice & now back at home with the pets... although the puppy ate my Bose headphones and Mac charger 😖 Ben managed to fix the charger but the headphones are sadly dead 🎧 PS in this photo is my favorite top from @lanewaybtq ⭐️

The Top 50 Travel Blogs

A little something to celebrate! 💃

When I first started this blog I can remember being stoked for 300 monthly readers and making Ben share my FB page to try and get to 500 followers. I remember seeing this list of top travel bloggers and thinking wow wonder if I can ever be on it?

But after six months I did make it on (barely) and have been crawling my way up for 4.5 years. I just saw hippie in heels is at #4 for this quarter! Basically this ranks how many readers you have. We send in screenshots of our traffic each quarter. I stayed over 1 million page views on the blog most months 😮 I know these lists aren’t everything but it’s one in particular I always hoped I would see my name on and to see it ranked so high is pretty wild.

Better yet, I have been hinting at a surprise for a couple of months now and it’s almost ready. I’m going to be sharing all about it on Monday! 🤪

Thank you for reading my blog, commenting, sharing and just being such awesome kind supportive people! I’m not really the sentimental type or one to #humblebrag usually but feeling so happy & thankful for you all - if you didn’t take time to read my blog I really wouldn’t be doing what I am in life. 🙏

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☀️ It’s hot and sunny in Goa! But this heat keeps people inside so the beaches are so much more empty. It’s the perfect time to visit if you don’t mind the temperatures! 🕶

7 Realistic Ways to Travel More in 2018

Feeling all full of wanderlust and wanting to travel more in 2018? Maybe it's not as out of reach as you think. Here are some tips for making more travel a reality this year. If you like it, share it with your friends, too! ✈️🌍

Discover Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Have you been to the Badlands? I went in the 6th grade and remember the trip so well. I remember a really hot day eating ice cream at Wall's! Here's an article to inspire you to make your own road trip from Hertz! #ad

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sunny goa days ☀️

Top 10 Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

I cannot wait to go back to Marrakech! I loved it there - and I do have some shopper's regret for the things I didn't buy lol 😂 Here are some tips for your first time visiting this beautiful city!

My Best Tips to Book a Cheap International Flight

Need a vacay? Here are the steps I take when I look for cheap international flights and where to book them ✈️

Views of Kuala Lumpur from KL Tower. It was really cool but sadly we couldn’t go all the way up to the Sky Deck (with the glass boxes) because it was raining. Loving the city so far. Spent the day in China town, central market, and eating all the food 😛 Gokarting yesterday at Sepang was by far the highlight (the cars were SO fast like 50 mph in the straightaways). Tomorrow we are going white water rafting which I haven’t done in years. Can’t wait! I’ll post more photos soon.

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Saying bye to Goa for a little getaway to Kuala Lumpur to visit some friends! They’ve planned it all out for us and as always, go-karting is involved. I’ve been to Malaysia before but only to Langkawi and I’m sure KL will be a completely different vibe. I also just got my first credit card (nearly 30 years old so kind of behind on these things) the Chase Sapphire Reserve and it comes with a free Priority Pass that lets me get into lounges for free (plus my travel buddies) so I’ll try that in Mumbai tonight. Sounds too good to be true 😂 #notanad hehe! I’ll share some stories on IG over the next 5-6 days from #KL #malaysia

16 Things You Need to Know Before a Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India

I can't believe it's been 6 years since I went to Rishikesh and stayed in a (pretty terrible) ashram. Things are always changing and I know that going here to do yoga is getting even MORE popular based on how often I'm asked about it. So I was so happy to have Jill from Travels & Tribulations share her insight on doing a yoga retreat in Rishikesh. Here are 16 things she wished she knew before her retreat.

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Ashwem Beach, Goa 🌴 After the busy Easter weekend, things are slowing down in Goa and you can tell it’s nearing the end of the season. I like this time of year before the monsoon rains - it’s hot but not as hot as May gets and it’s so quiet. The palm trees around our house have grown so much in the last few years and now the monkeys 🐒 are always outside our house with their babies, sometimes 10 of them, just playing around. We still have little “puppy” basically living with us if someone is looking to adopt please let me know. He’s so sweet but 4 pets is too much for me 🐶🐶🐱 there is a pet chipmunk too now if you saw my IG stories but he has been adopted (seriously)

How I Keep the Sea and Sun From Damaging My Hair When I Travel

I write about fashion mixed with my travels but never really beauty tips - I was surprised to see in the last reader survey you want more beauty tips, though! 💁

So, I'll start with my hair tips for when I'm traveling and maybe do a post on the makeup I use on trips next?

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Happy Easter weekend! I’m taking a few days from work to chill with Ben and friends. Going to go wake boarding on Sunday! Then of course, brunch 🥂 What are your weekend plans?

Where to go in Costa Rica | A Complete Guide to Costa Rica

Wow, The Drifter Collective has me dying to get to Costa Rica ASAP! Her photos are amazing and in this guide, she shares what to expect and how to plan your first trip to this tropical paradise #CostaRica

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So I’ve been working on a little secret project (buried in my laptop all day every day working since when I visited the US!) and it’s almost ready!! Maybe in two weeks. But now it’s passed on to other people I’ve hired to finish it up - now I get to relax and enjoy this goa heat wave! Any guesses what I was working on !?

Best Travel Gadgets: I Swear By These!

A few little travel gadgets that I always use! Are there any random gadgets you've found that are actually helpful when you travel? Tell me about them!

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Sunday’s are for the beach! Started my day with Ben making me eggs Benedict which for some reason I was craving all week - then some beach time and ending my day catching up on Homeland. What are you up to this Sunday?

Insider's Guide to Goa

Hey everyone! For this week you can get my Goa Ebook for just $13 (the lowest price it's been!)

I've temporarily lowered the price of my Goa Ebook for the end of the season to $19 instead of $25 and you can STILL use the 30% off coupon with code "welovegoa" so it's really only $13 💙

This is the link to my page about it, so you can read what it's about and some reviews:

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Beautiful Goa days ☀️ I have got to share the tastiest meal I had recently (although I didn’t remember to take a photo!). It was at @saligaostories in #saligao and had such good Hyderabadi food although they do Goan too. Cannot wait to go back to try more. Such a cool spot! Thanks @cocoshambhala (Giles and Shegun) for showing it to me!

The 30 Best Places to Visit in India

There are so many cool rural towns, exciting cities, and tourist hotspots in India that as you go through a guidebook, it can get overwhelming since everything looks like a "must do".

I put my opinion on the top 30 places to visit in India in this post (5 of which are still on my bucket list). How many have you been to? Which places would you add? 🇮🇳

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🍊🍌🍓 One of my favorite things about Goa are the fruit stalls lined along the roads. We do all our shopping for fruit and veg in stalls like these! There are some things from home I can’t often find like good iceberg lettuce or celery but there are other new things to take their place!

My First Ohio Winter Home in Over 5 Years

I just got back to India from the USA where I spent a few weeks in Ohio with family and friends. Sharing what I got up to in this post and also what I shopped for - I also stock up in the USA for my next year of travels!

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Views of the sea in Goa never get old 🌊

4 Easy Tips on Responsible Travel in India (and Elsewhere)

"Deciding to travel more consciously means resolving to support locals as much as possible, especially if you’re visiting a developing country. As much as positive actions will support the locals, you’ll also find yourself coming away benefiting from a more enriched cultural experience."

Some tips for traveling responsibly in India and ways to consider sustainable travel.